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You Tarzan, Me Jane

Recently I heard a question that I really had never heard before. It wasn't being asked to me, it was actually in a movie I was watching. The question was "Are you a Jane?" And it referred to Jane of "Tarzan and Jane" and how Jane is a wild woman. As I listened to the question, I thought "I think I'm a Jane."

I left Japan at the beginning of August and spent about two and a half weeks in Mexico City. I was very nervous about returning to my birth city, about confronting my past, and seeing how I could cope. It ended up being exactly what I needed.

Being a Jane, I tend to get antsy when I am not moving about or doing something. However, in Mexico all I could was take care of my family and rest. I actually let myself relax and enjoy my family, the city I love, and kilos and kilos of fresh fruit. I had my share of mini adventures too. As I visited various climbing gyms in the city, taking my nieces and nephew with me. I did yoga every morning with my cousin's husband and I played with my godson every day. After two years of complete solitude and mostly silence, it was interesting to constantly surrounded by people and noise. and it just felt natural to be back in it while in Mexico City.

However, as a Jane, I felt that tug of wildness and wanderlust poke its I ended up taking a weekend trip to an area I have been wanting to visit for over a year. Instead of taking a solo trip like I am used to, I invited two of my nieces to join me. What we experienced was beyond my expectations.

We went to a town called Mineral del Chico, one of the 80 "magical towns" sanctioned by the Mexican government. It was about an hour and half outside of Mexico City. We stayed in a cabin and spent the weekend surrounded by nature and unplugged. We climbed a 200 meter mountain, did a zip line course, and went hiking. Our cabin was surrounded by deer, goats, and peacocks. The people were amazing, and the views were breath taking. Each of us faced some fears during the weekend, including swinging on a "Tarzan" swing from one side of the mountain to the other. It was the perfect ending to my time in Mexico. It reminded me there is always things to discover, no matter how well you know a place.

So when I arrived in Orlando last week, I was determined to rediscover the beauty of the place I called home for over 20 years. Letting myself see things for the first time, especially since I have changed in the past two years. I am excited to see things like I am seeing them for the first time. I am excited that I have time to reconnect with my friends and see my family. And I am excited to have a bit of a lull before I go on to my next big life adventure.

As I am getting ready to turn 33 next week, I am preparing for something special this week too. More to come on that...but in the meantime friends, stay wild. Be a Tarzan or be a Jane. :)

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