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Just Say Yes

I think we all have said the phrase at least once in our lives, “I wish I could…” Wishes are funny things because in my experience they are very much living things. Once they are born, you have to feed them and nurture them so that they can come to maturity and then ultimately fruition.

The biggest wish killer is fear. Fear often kills the wish before it can even be born. Fear makes us not even dare to speak of our wishes, so we don’t even get the chance to see what the wish is made of. So the first step is to actually cement your wish by either saying it out loud or writing it down. This is how a wish can be truly be born and you get to see what the wish is made of, but then comes the hard part.

My wish cycles are every two weeks. I sit down, listen to my heart, and write down my wishes. I always wish for big picture things, really small things, and something for someone else. It is quite interesting to see my wishes in writing, to be able to actually read my heart’s desires. But it also helps me keep my mind present on what I would like to work towards and where I am at any given moment. Last year one of my wishes included climbing outside and really expanding my climbing experiences. Well, shortly after I wrote down that wish I met a woman that offered me just that.

Now, this is the tricky part. Many times we don’t realize when our wishes are growing, and we can turn down a chance that could really help it come to fruition. It is easy to say no out of fear. I don’t have much experience climbing, and when I was asked if I would like to go outside and try some new climbing experiences, I could have easily said no. I could easily have thought I don’t have enough skills to go there yet, but I am starting to better understand the rules of wishes. When they give you the chance, you say yes!!!! It could be your only chance.

This past weekend I went ice climbing for the first time, all thanks to saying yes to that wonderful woman. That one yes opened the door to nurture more than one of my wishes. And more importantly it gave me a chance to make a new friend and meet new people. It is pretty miraculous for a girl who only saw snow for the first time a year ago to have put on crampons, axes in hand and climb an ice fall. I felt completely safe despite being somewhat out of my element. And even though by the end I thought I would freeze completely, I enjoyed it immensely.

I am extremely grateful for being given the chance to have gone ice climbing, but I also know that the fortune only came to me because I was able to make that wish last year. I gave my wish a chance to be born, and then it was up to me to seek it out or to identify when it was giving me a chance. It was up to me to say yes. So, I dare you to make wishes, and when opportunity comes knocking…just say yes!!!!

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