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No Regrets

It has been more than a month since I have written my last blog post. I decided to take time to figure out my next steps. What is it that I want to share with you? What is it that I want this website and blog to provide? What is it that I ultimately need and want out of my own life?

I can tell you, that a month is not long enough of a break to answer all of those questions, I don’t even think I really answered one of them. What really happened was I started living for me. In the face of some challenging personal times, I clung to the only thing I know in order to survive…action. I booked up almost every minute of free time I had to connect with people and things that I had been neglecting, including my own yoga practice.

For the past year, I had thought that I would return to being a yoga teacher after my tenure in Japan was complete, but as I wrapped up the week workshop with Sharathji and started to think about things that I wanted from life, I realized that is highly unlikely for the time being.

Yoga will always be my spiritual practice, and will continue to be the way that I can commune with myself and connect with the greater unconsciousness, but I don’t think it will be my occupation in the near future. There are many things for me to live and learn before I can reclaim that very fundamental part of me. That being said, I do plan on providing some short videos here on my website for those interested in beginning yoga. It won’t be anything fancy, just simple and to the point.

So what is next? I have a small idea, an inkling of what lies next for me. Life is full of adventures, and I am determined to keep having them, roaming from one place to the next, living, laughing, and loving. Over the past year, there have been many changes for me and I don’t doubt there will be many many more before this Japanese adventure ends. Each challenge has helped me grow, even if they hurt. And with all of them, I have no regrets. I hope that you will all continue to enjoy the blog as it evolves with me.

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